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Signa Academy welcomes visit from Gideons Bibles International

Signa Academy recently had the pleasure of hosting a delightful visit from the team at Gideons Bibles International. It's become a cherished annual event where they graciously provide our learners with their enriching Bibles, infusing our community with a sense of joy and spiritual fulfillment.

The harmony between our values is unmistakable. With a focus on gratitude, grace, and giving, Signa Academy and Gideons Bibles International seem like a match made in heaven, each reinforcing the other's mission with genuine enthusiasm.

Moreover, their accessibility and user-friendly format make them particularly appealing. With clear, legible text and a conveniently portable size, they cater to the practical needs of our learners, ensuring that spiritual nourishment is always within reach.

Thank you to Mr. Bazil and the dedicated team at Gideons Bibles International for their untiring commitment to supporting our learners' spiritual growth.

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