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Creating a productive morning routine that sets you up for success

In today’s article, we want to inspire you with little life-changing steps toward reaching your goals. Today, we tackle creating a productive morning routine that sets you up for success.

A solid morning routine boosts the mind, body, spirit, and soul every day, a little at a time. This helps the threshold of energy, focus, and positivity retain itself longer while benefiting our spirit in achieving our goals, dreams, and success. The small wins daily, through consistency, all add up together over time, increasing the results we achieve to our benefit. It is this feeling that leaves us accomplished.

It is great to be aware that something needs changing. It’s important to make room for change when beginning a new morning routine. Most people decide that they need to change something in their lives, from no action to instant action. Going straight into an automatic extreme by lining up several actions in a morning routine without reflecting on the small amounts of actions over time to carry out consecutive consistent habits can lead to quitting altogether or returning to old habits. 

Burnout is when we take on too much without testing and processing what is suitable for our lifestyle. Our lifestyle isn’t everybody’s lifestyle. Sometimes it takes trying and not forcing several morning routines until finding the one that works best by processing things from our own unique superpower, customised, to feel accomplished by the end of the day.

To replace an old habit, first, identify where the change would best fit in our lifestyle. 

For example, It’s like building a solid house one brick at a time, does this brick fit here? Should I take it out, have it cut, and place it on the corner edge according to the plans? Through this process, we learn about our strengths and weaknesses, such as how to build a resistant house, its maintenance, resilience, sustainability, happiness, and health. 

But to even think of the idea of building a house takes reasons, questions, and reflection around the benefit of that to my life, desired life, or my particular lifestyle.

One can’t just build a house anywhere, anyhow, because it doesn’t only affect them. It affects everything around them.

Here are some ways to start creating a productive morning routine that sets you up for success.

  1. Avoid the snooze button

This can be detrimental to our productivity. 5 minutes can easily turn into 30 minutes. Create the habit of waking up straight away when the alarm goes off. Counting to 5 and then jump up can be helpful.

2. Drink a full glass of water

Hydration is key to our health and well-being. Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning helps with hydration while assisting with focus, concentration, and clarity. It washes out the body of toxins and makes us more productive. Not only that, it creates a routine of staying hydrated.

3. Fit in a quick morning workout

Add a 10-minute workout to get the circulation going or the body awake. Being active helps to keep the spirit happy. It promotes an increase in energy, better health, and combats depression. 

Some ideas:



Dance to a favourite tune.

4. Meditate and say some affirmations

Meditation helps the body relieve stress, and saying affirmations out loud helps strengthen our belief in ourselves. 


I am grateful for my job.

I am grateful for the exciting day I have planned.

I am content.

5. Set the morning vibes with a cuppa

Starting with a cup of tea or coffee after drinking water at the workplace or kitchen helps with socialising, resetting, and settling down before beginning the day. Imagine catching up with some good vibes with the dog, cat, family members, or work colleagues over a cuppa before starting your work routine.

6. Do the important tasks first

Planning a morning routine helps to go to bed early. Making time for rest and having a full 8 hours of sleep means we can wake up refreshed. 

Focusing on the main tasks according to priorities first is a good idea. With the body feeling rested and refreshed, tasks can be carried out with optimal clarity, focus, and energy.

Having a morning routine that works for you can ensure you have more time and energy for yourself. It’s better to be early at work and take time out to do things slowly and in order than to do everything feeling rushed and scattered. 

Tell us in the comments below what’s your favourite morning routine and why?

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