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This Month’s Shoutout Goes To 🥁

Signa Opportunity

Striving to break the employment barriers that make it hard for the youth to enter the job market Signa Opportunity, offers an array of programmes to create economic pathways for South Africa’s youth. Among their offerings is the Youth Employment Service (YES) Initiative. The programme helps facilitate and promote the creation of employment and self-employment opportunities for every youth member coming through their doors.

“At Signa, we believe that by all of us participating and solving the unemployment problem, we can make an impact.” – Tulani Hlabangana (Signa Opportunity Director)

What is YES?

YES, also known as the Youth Employment Service, is a social compact between business, government, and labour, intending to create job opportunities for South African youth. YES encourages businesses to contribute toward addressing the youth unemployment crisis in South Africa by upskilling youth through a 12-month quality workplace experience.

Signa Opportunity’s YES Offering

The YES Offering provides services either wholly as a fully outsourced solution or individually as a customised solution for clients. Signa Opportunity guides clients' support to:

  • Get a B-BBEE Level up (sponsor a YES youth)

  • Provide workplace experience (host a YES youth)

Youth Employment Services Programme

By becoming a YES candidate, Signa Opportunity assists the youth who come through their doors with employment opportunities. The YES programme gives youth a long-term chance at employment and:

  • Become a YES youth.

  • Receive 12 months of professional work experience.

  • Receive valuable workplace readiness training and mentorship.

  • At the end of the programme, receive a professional CV, reference letter, job search strategies, and interview skills to get youth not only a job but a career.

Signa Opportunity believes that leveraging the YES initiative must be long-term for sustainable economic participation of our country’s youth. Through our differentiated solution, we have focused on the absorption of youth into relevant jobs according to their skill set and qualifications.

Discover more about Signa Opportunity here:

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