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Tales of Signa Employee Pioneers

Yonela Mpofu

Signa’s Strategic Relationship Support 

What I Do Matters – A Spirit with a Big Heart

Talk about a kind spirit who shows up in more than one way in her life and the lives of others. When Yonela gets blessed, everyone better watch out because she gets two for the price of one. Yes, Yonela’s twins are blessed to have such a kindred spirit as their mother and guardian, who values family, love, support, and respect.


Born and raised in the seaside town of Eastern Cape, Yonela was one of 26,000 inhabitants who enjoyed the game called Two Squares, especially before school started.


… And here we are today. As a wife, mother of two, a sister in a close-knit family, and a daughter to a dear mother who advises, “Yonela, one thing at a time,” has grown into a role of Signa’s Strategic Relationship Support. 


At Signa, Yonela empowers the Strategic Relationship team through support and achieves shared success in their objectives through collaboration and strengthening partnerships. In contributing and implementing strategies, she is a catalyst for growth and meaningful impact. In the heart of her role lies a mission that ignites a spark for the greater good and betterment of Africa beyond mere transactions and transcends towards economic development.


Every handshake and every partnership plants a seed for sustainable growth, building a stronger economy and rewriting the narrative of possibility for Africa. Each partnership is a hope of transformation and the power that collaboration promises a brighter future in the success of strategic partnerships, creating jobs, inclusive prosperity, and uplifting communities that were long sidelined by economic disparity.


What motivates Yonela? “I’d like to be part of my children’s upbringing by influencing their values, and guidance by impacting their knowledge beyond textbooks. Together with my husband and girls, we travel, explore nature, and engage in creative activities. Between towering trees and starlit skies, we find ourselves sharing stories of courage and curiosity, where laughter and love echo the strength of our bond, forging moments of wonder and exploration”.


At Signa Group, Yonela has found the work-life balance she was looking for, with a beautiful and healthy culture that keeps her at peace and focused. Having weekends to herself and not having to work long shifts, Yonela can optimise her role as a mother and wife, still working on her goals, building a fulfilling life, and having quality time with her family.   


During the ups and downs, twists and turns, and transitions through life, Yonela has found an interest that fuels her spirit in quiet times. One specific source of inspiration for her comes from the Bible: “I’d say, whatever you do, work it out with all your heart, as working for the Lord and not for men”. 

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