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Tales of Signa Employee Pioneers

Lerato Wendy Boyosi (Known as Wendy)

Signa’s Information Management Administrator


What I Do Matters – The Challenger Spirit


Wendy was born and raised in a township in South Africa where the sun comes down. Yes, the notable and celebrated township of Sundowns Football Club, a South African team that plays in the Premier Soccer League. Even though Wendy may not be that much of a football fan, she’s a goalkeeper, she plays a serious ball game when it comes to her goals in life.


Wearing interchangeable hats from goalkeeper to gatekeeper of documents, Wendy takes responsibility for the administration of documents from Signa Group’s member companies. “I ensure that all documents are organised and stored in the cloud-based shared drive, which is accessible only to authorised personnel”. 


What led you to Signa? “I was working in retail in a sports store as a store associate” …Surfing is a sport, okay ;-)… and so Wendy decided to surf the internet when Signa Group reached the surface. Catching the next wave, she came across the Yes4Youth initiative, applied for the internship through an agent, received a call, and then went for an interview.  


Wendy continued to ride the wave, starting her first internship as a learnership administrator at Signa Opportunity. She excelled in her role as receptionist and admin support intern. With her internship contract slowly coming to an end, she joined Signa Group, still on her internship, working as a receptionist and administrator.


Life can sometimes lead to uncharted waters, along with the fears of not knowing what tomorrow may bring, maybe a shark, maybe a dolphin, or maybe even a rip curl, but “I am so grateful that I had learnt a lot through my journey in Signa”. Even with a fair share of sharks thrown her way, Wendy still came out on top with hard work and dedication, leading her to the proudest moment in her life and career thus far, receiving a full-time permanent employment contract as an Information Management Administrator after her internship ended.


During her free time, when Wendy isn’t busy slaying dragons - or should we say Megalodons - she prefers hiking or relaxing with a glass of wine, watching her all-time favorites on Netflix. Staying grounded and connected with nature is a top priority for her. One of her bucket list items? Visiting Cape Town to explore the city, visit Robben Island, and tour the wine route. Wendy is a person of values, “Signa’s values that speak to me the most, I’d say, massive action and results”. Producing quality results through action is a sign of progress and performance, as it involves hard work and dedication.


In terms of the impact Wendy is making in Africa through her current role, she says, “I feel like I am contributing to a better economy by being employed with Signa Group, which plays a significant role in promoting equality for disadvantaged individuals, whether they need a startup or career experience. The knowledge I gain at work helps me in terms of my personal and professional life, and I share this knowledge with my family and others who need assistance or guidance on how to benefit from Signa.”


Wendy envisions a future where Signa Group positively impacts countless lives across Africa. Her dream is for the organisation to reach and help thousands, if not millions, fostering significant and lasting change throughout the continent.

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