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Tales of Signa Employee Pioneers

Bradley Basson

Signa’s IT Sales


What I Do Matters - A Grounded Blueprint

Long before the chapter of his life with Signa Group began, a pint-sized boy had lived an adventurous childhood, excavating, and exploring his grandma’s backyard. The combination of reading, play, toys, being creative, movies, and music shaped his teens and led him to his interest in archaeology, and historic sites. Meet Bradley Basson, a grounded young man working behind the scenes of Signa Group's colourful landscape, making a positive impact in sunny Africa. 

Freshly out of school, Bradley’s first formal experience in the corporate kingdom began at Signa Group, he was stressed, but then, he met a guide, good friend, and lunch buddy who helped him navigate and adjust through the changes of a new reality, the working life.

Signa Group profoundly influenced Bradley’s life through a concept of routine. The paramount shift through consistency in routine showed him the contrast in results between high school years and professional work life. The timelines, deadlines, and responsibilities at work significantly contributed to his personal growth, leading him to establish a regular gym schedule.  “The influence of routine creates a sense of control in life”. This routine and sticking to it gives me ease and a clear mind. It’s given me a structure”.

Currently, Bradley is anchored in his role by assisting and supporting new employees of Signa’s member companies. He handles IT sales-related tasks, including replacing damaged equipment, arranging repairs, and providing technical support.

Bradley’s interest in IT comes from the time he was a laaitie - A South African colloquialism for “young boy”. The combined interests, games, and experiences steered towards a defining moment; this was his career choice in IT (Information Technology).

When asked about his favourite childhood toy, Bradley would undoubtedly say dinosaurs. “We had a big T-rex and stegosaurus. We were very into dinosaurs”. He recalls, “If I could be a dinosaur, I’d be the velociraptor because of their intelligence”. Bradley imagines this would make him a famous dinosaur worldwide, like those in Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs speak an international language that even the French, Italians, and other nations don’t need subtitles for, “Grrrrr! Pow! Bam! Boom! Yum! Slash! Sip!” … ;-) tasty right? 

While weekends can be packed with activities or having fun with gaming, at Signa Group, he sees himself as an essential aspect of Preparing Africa for a Working Future - keeping the flow, consistency, and movement together in his role is crucial for the greater good of Signa Group’s mission and vision. He remembers a time beyond the Call of Duty, “I influenced the careers of two of my colleagues at work through my career choice. They asked me about my studies, I showed everything to them, and then one day, I found out they signed up for the same studies as me”.

Bradley holds having good manners as the most important value or principle to have; “It was how I was raised. It says a lot about a person”.


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