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Tales of Signa Employee Pioneers

Mmamaite Rasedile

Signa’s Human Resources Administrator


What I do matters - A Resolute Spirit


In the heart of South African culture, Mmamaite’s strong upbringing stems from her favourite childhood memory, the weekends! Defining and cherishing moments when children do not have responsibilities, basking in the company of family and savoring Sundays - the irreplaceable presence of grandmother, and going to church.


Several years later…


Mmamaite’s fortunate fate led her to become a candidate for Signa Opportunity’s YES (Youth Employment Services) programme. After completing the programme, she moved into the role of Human Resources Administrator at Signa Group. 


From surprise encounters, such as her mentor, whom she calls her sister, to life-long lessons, professionally and personally, Mmamaite accumulates, little by little, principles and values to leverage life. Behind her still and steady nature, her deep wisdom advises, “Never be afraid to take risks”.


At work, Mmamaite is dedicated to supporting her team and Signa’s members. She is a crucial part of the greater good of Africa. Succeeding in her role affects the chain reaction in assisting others through her belief system. Everything starts from within for results to show outward, “It’s the same with happiness. It starts from the inside”. Through fundamental efforts in helping employees succeed and driving results, she indirectly impacts client results and makes a difference in preparing Africa.


…but life isn’t only about lessons and learnings, it’s also about dreaming. One day, Mmamaite will cross paths with Paris. She will gleefully walk the enchanting cobblestone pathways of Paris, enjoying the smell of freshly baked croissants and Parisian cuisine with her nearest and dearest as they return to the hotel, swinging their shopping bags.


Visiting Paris for Mmamaite would represent a significant milestone of success. That is to keep dreams alive, and that hard work pays off. This is just one moment from many to come that will confirm, echo, and inspire others to value their own opinion. 


While dreaming is free there is a more creative side of Mmamaite that she doesn’t share with many or that not many know of. “I sing in a choir at church. We’re somewhere between, say, 30 to 40, mixed, girls and guys in the group”.


Her most memorable day at Signa Group? Bowling with the team, learning about everyone and how they are outside of the workplace. “Everything was fun about that day, the trip, being there and having lunch together, just everything! By the end of the day, I was happy but tired.”




Mmamaite's beacon of strength and courage surpassed her own expectations of herself at a turning point when she took a risk to pursue her studies through Unisa while working full-time. By facing her obstacles head-on, she made it out and passed … Singing Hallelujah! “I’m not done yet. I’m still going!”

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