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Tales of Signa Employee Pioneers

Sabelo Bembe

Signa’s Junior Risk & Compliance Officer


What I Do Matters - The Resilient Thread


In the colourful quilt of life, there’s always a thread that stands out, not just for its colour but for its strength and resilience. Meet Sabelo Bembe, a reserved and introverted guy who becomes part of the vital canvas of Signa Group’s journey toward a brighter tomorrow. 


It all starts when Sabelo finds himself at a bit of a loose end after his previous employment contract ends. Feeling lost, but then, through a friend, he stumbles upon Signa Academy, a ray of hope in his cloudy sky. With nothing to lose, he jumps at the chance and dives into a project management learnership that changes his life’s direction, grasping a job opportunity at Signa Group. 

What keeps him going each day? Well, there are two big things: his family and the sense of purpose he finds working at Signa Group. Knowing he’s contributing to something bigger - preparing Africa for a working future - is a real motivator. Through Signa’s group of companies, a significant impact shapes society and the country as a whole. Every morning, he steps into the office, feeling a surge of energy, ready to tackle whatever challenges lay ahead. 


But life isn’t all serious business, right? Sabelo has his fair share of funny moments.


“My friends knew that I had a crush on this girl, so I was under pressure to make a move”.


And there he was…


The young and dashing Sabelo Bembe in high school, trying to impress his crush on Valentine’s Day with a bunny chow, ended up on his knees as if he was proposing, only to find that it was the wrong snack order.


Talk about a facepalm moment! “The whole class was cheering. It’s a day I will never forget.” Maybe having a 24-carrot ring would have gone down better. Whatever the case, at least Sabelo was still alive and didn’t end up in the hops-spital.


Despite the embarrassment, he learns to laugh at himself and enjoy life’s little mishaps. Underneath the laughter is a valuable lesson from his grandma: “Always finish what you start”. Her positivity in tough times leaves a lasting mark on Sabelo, shaping his approach to life - stay resilient. Whether it’s, helping her with sewing or facing challenges in life, he carries her words in his heart, a reminder to stay determined even when the going gets tough. 


Outside work, Sabelo finds his groove in the gym and hanging out with friends. “It’s not just about keeping fit, it’s about discipline, finding balance, and staying grounded”. One gains wisdom when surrounded by people who have more experience. His love for music is the soundtrack to his life, he imagines himself spinning tracks, and where DJing stretches further than a pure hobby, it is a dream waiting to be realised. 


At work, Sabelo is the guy who makes sure the environment is healthy, in shipshape, and safe, ensuring everyone can thrive in a secure and conducive setting. But he isn’t all rules and regulations. He brings a bit of fun to the job too, cracking jokes and chatting with colleagues. His easygoing nature and warm smile make him a favorite among his coworkers, turning mundane tasks into moments of companionship. 


His proudest moment? Helping set up a JoJo tank to save water at the office. Promoting eco-friendliness and teamwork, bringing together colleagues, and creating a more sustainable workplace. As he watches the tank fill up, Sabelo feels a sense of accomplishment, a tangible reminder that every small action can ripple out and create positive change - one drop at a time.


Sabelo has a simple piece of advice: “If you do what you love, you don’t have to work a day in your life”. Respect, love, and enjoy that “thing” that puts pride on your table.

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