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Signa Academy Welcomes IEC Team for Voter Registration Drive

On Wednesday, 14th March 2024, Signa Academy had the honour of hosting the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) team for a vital initiative aimed at registering learners for the upcoming elections. In attendance were 28 sponsored learners, alongside dedicated staff members, all eager to participate in the democratic process.


Upon arrival, the IEC team cordially introduced themselves and outlined the purpose of their visit, emphasising the importance of voter registration. This engagement was particularly significant as it not only facilitated the registration process but also underscored the fundamental role of civic engagement in a democracy.


Following the informative session, learners enthusiastically signed the IEC register, ensuring their ability to vote conveniently on campus and thereby avoiding the hassle of long queues; enhancing the overall experience for the learners.


By eliminating barriers to participation, such as extended wait times, Signa Academy is fostering a more accessible and inclusive electoral process for learners, especially those with disabilities. This collaborative effort ensures that every voice is heard and every vote counts, reaffirming the principles of democracy within our learning community.

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