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Signa Academy's Vibrant Induction Programme for VW's 2nd Intake

Signa Academy recently hosted an engaging induction programme to welcome VW's latest cohort of learners to its Bloemfontein campus. With 39 eager participants enrolled in a 1-year Automotive sales and support programme, excitement filled the air as they gathered in the courtyard.

Led by Signa Academy's esteemed leaders, including Campus Manager Mr. Mosala and Campus Administrator Ms. Moiloa, the programme provided a comprehensive overview of the institution's values and principles, the intricacies of the learnership, and academic processes. Learners were urged to approach their studies with dedication and attendance was emphasised for both classroom and workplace sessions.

The induction concluded with a sense of camaraderie and optimism, leaving learners equipped with the knowledge and motivation to excel. Mr. Marumo, Campus Facilitator, extended heartfelt thanks to everyone involved, setting the stage for a year of growth and achievement.

Signa Academy's induction programme has set the tone for a transformative educational journey, empowering learners to thrive in the automotive industry and beyond.

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