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Signa Academy's Success at Department of Labour Careers Fair

The recent invitation extended to Signa Academy's Bloemfontein campus by the Department of Labour to exhibit at their career’s fair marks a significant milestone in the academy's journey. As the host partner, the Department of Labour plays a crucial role in facilitating placements for Signa Academy's learners and aiding in learner recruitment, particularly for Persons with Learning Disabilities (PLWD).

Participation in the careers fair not only heightened Signa Academy's visibility but also generated numerous inquiries, expanding its reach within the job market. This exposure has led to an influx of applications, showcasing the growing recognition of Signa Academy among stakeholders.

The impact of the jobs fair extends beyond brand awareness; it directly influences Signa Academy's operations and learner prospects. The surge in applications enables the academy to fulfill current commitments, such as allocating 40 learners for Volkswagen's upcoming programme. Moreover, maintaining a strong relationship with the Department of Education remains imperative, as shown by the gratitude expressed for Signa Academy's participation.

For learners, the fair provided an invaluable opportunity to delve deeper into Signa Academy's programs, entry requirements, and location, empowering them to make informed decisions about their educational journey.

In essence, Signa Academy leveraged the Department of Labour careers fair to advance its objectives, fostering growth for both the academy and its learners.

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