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Signa Academy Bloemfontein Celebrates Youth Day

Signa Academy, Bloemfontein Campus, joyfully celebrated Youth Day with a fun-filled event and vibrant activity.


The day unfolded smoothly, marked by a heartfelt speech from one of the learners, commemorating the courageous youth of 1976. This tribute was followed by an energetic performance of the Sarafina dance, seamlessly blended with the famous ‘Jerusalema dance’.


Learners eagerly participated in dancing and games, embracing the event's theme of ‘School Uniforms’. Adding to the fun, the campus’s choir performed in elegant black and white attire, moving the audience with heartfelt songs.


The celebration concluded with a joyous photo session, where learners, dressed in their school uniforms, captured memorable moments. The event beautifully embodied the spirit and unity of Youth Day, leaving everyone with joyful memories.

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