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National Host Visit Report: Enhancing Learning Through Practical Work Experience

During a recent visit to Bloemfontein, Signa Academy undertook a strategic mission to guarantee that learners' placements within host companies were not only pertinent but also in line with the exit level outcomes specified in SAQA documents. This initiative is pivotal in arming learners with practical skills essential for their careers.


The visit yielded notable benefits, showcasing the invaluable experiences acquired by learners across various host companies:


• Learners were fully immersed in vibrant work environments, gaining firsthand experience in areas such as vehicle sales and customer service.

• The potential for permanent employment for these learners underscores the effectiveness of the programmes in seamlessly integrating them into the workforce.

• Additionally, the entrepreneurial efforts aimed at fostering growth within township economies underscore the broader impact of these initiatives beyond mere skill development.


Despite encountering challenges in accommodating learners with disabilities, the commendable efforts of host companies shone through as they demonstrated patience and inclusivity, ensuring that all learners were supported with empathy and compassion.


By consistently refining placement strategies and fostering inclusivity, Signa Academy maintains its unwavering dedication to empowering learners and ensuring compliance with necessary legislation, thus enriching both individual lives and the wider community.

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