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Meet Cebo

As a young, ambitious individual with no employment prospects, Cebo eagerly applied to the YES program after learning about it from a friend.

“When I heard about the life-changing youth development and job creation opportunities available at Signa, I felt an unwavering drive to learn more,” says Cebo Mbatha.

Now as a Bursary and Student Administrator at Signa Institute for Higher Education, Cebo has developed a versatile skill set that includes administrative support, correspondence with diverse clients, and student advising.

Thanks to his sponsor, Cellfind, Cebo plans to give back to the community by informing other young people about the #PowerOfOne and the transformational impact of Signa’s investment in the South African youth.

Cebo remains motivated to advance his career at Signa through positive thinking and hard work and encourages other young people to seize every opportunity that comes their way, striving to become the best candidate possible.

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