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Insights from Campus Team VW Polo Factory Tour

The Uitenhage Campus team and students were invited by their sponsor, VW, on the 18th of August 2023 for an exceptional factory plant tour. The day was filled with excitement as they delved into the heart of VW's production process.

The day's activities commenced at the VW AutoPavillion, which houses a museum highlighting VW's impressive 70-year history of car manufacturing. The group explored the museum's exhibits, capturing memorable moments and participating in enjoyable games. VW's proud accomplishment of over 4 million vehicles manufactured since its inception was notably displayed.

Following this, the attendees ventured outdoors, where they were divided into two groups to embark on a comprehensive tour. A guided train ride offered a glimpse of the facility's operations and the intricate processes within the Body Shop and Final Assembly, where the iconic VW Polo undergoes meticulous crafting.

The group observed the step-by-step production of various car components, including doors, car boots, dashboards, and engines. An incredible revelation was unveiled - a new VW Polo emerges from the assembly line every two minutes! This experience enriched the group’s knowledge of the automotive realm, fostering a deeper appreciation for the complexities of the automotive industry.

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