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Huawei Supports South African Women's Skills Development

Huawei South Africa has supported a pioneering fibre optic technology training programme, Signa Academy and MICT SETA, targeting young women from three Johannesburg townships. The 19 selected participants, all of whom have math and science backgrounds, spent a day at Huawei's flagship customer solutions innovation centre in Woodmead, Johannesburg.

Here, the students were introduced to technology solutions in 5G networks, cloud/AI, and Big Data, among others, and learned about digital solutions for specific business areas. They also had formal training on fibre rollout, and a typical fibre project was unpacked and evaluated from start to finish.

The day was a fitting end to their three-month course, hosted by Digital Council Africa (DCA), of which Huawei is a member, together with training partner Signa Academy and MICT SETA, the project funder, as well as Herotel, which provided much-needed hands-on experience in the workplace.

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