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Empowering Africa’s Women Through Digital Skills

"A digitally connected girl has the potential to grow into the woman she aspires to be and contribute to her fullest from anywhere," Tulani Hlabangana.

Digital Council Africa took centre stage for women at the 2023 Africa Tech Festival. In honour of Women's Month, the Digital Council engaged in enlightening discussions with remarkable women, who generously shared their insights, wisdom, and invaluable lessons.

Tulani Hlabangana, Executive Director of HR & Learning at Signa Group, shed light on the evolving landscape of skills in industries and businesses, which is increasingly favouring the youth and women. “The rise of digital connectivity has opened up numerous careers that do not require travel or physical strength/fitness, benefiting women and youth.”

The realisation of the untapped potential within women, both historically and presently, has been the driving force behind Tulani's commitment to empowering young South African women. She passionately conveyed, "Our comprehensive learnership programs offer post-school education and workplace prospects for young individuals, with a particular emphasis on women and individuals living with disabilities. This provides them with the visibility and opportunities they need to prove themselves."

Signa Group's underlying ethos of #PowerOfOne emphasizes the importance of collaboration in preparing Africa's youth for a working future. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the exceptional female leaders who generously shared their insights and wisdom. May you continue to rise and play an essential role in shaping the landscape of leadership in South Africa.

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