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Celebrating Generosity and Unity on #CasualDay2023

In a remarkable act of unity, #Signarians came together for #CasualDay2023 raising an impressive R4040.00 in support of the Association of People Living with Physical Disabilities (APD).

The difficult times we find ourselves in have not deterred these compassionate people, and special recognition goes to Elmien for their generous donation to the National Council of and for People living with Disabilities (NCPD), demonstrating that even remote work could not hinder their commitment to supporting people in need.

#CasualDay, an annual event, promotes a casual dress code for a day while contributing to a noble cause. Victoria Clark, Workplace Coordinator in Randburg, stood out as the event's embodiment. Her dedication earned her a R400 Pamper hamper.

Looking ahead, preparations for #CasualDay 2024 will commence early to encourage greater participation. The event's success in uniting diverse backgrounds for a common cause showcases boundless compassion, striving to create a more inclusive and compassionate world.

#CasualDay 2023 stands as a testament to the power of unity and generosity, making a meaningful impact on individuals with disabilities and promoting inclusivity. With renewed dedication, #CasualDay promises to achieve even more in its mission for a better world.

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