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Absorption: Workplace and Recruitment Supervisor



Starting date

Signa Academy


28 June 2024

Closing Date


About the Role

The role of the Absorption: Workplace and Recruitment Supervisor is to implement all activities towards learner selection to workplace management result in high retention of learners and increased rate of learner absorption by host entities. Ensure that policies practice, process and procedures related to learner recruitment and workplace management are adhered to.


  • Minimum requirement Diploma/Degree in Human Resources Management or equivalent

  • Certificate in Wellness or Social Work will be advantageous.

  • Extensive knowledge on the SETA’s/training legislation

  • Project Management Certificate will be advantageous.

  • Advance knowledge MS Office

  • Drivers License and own / reliable transport is a must.

  • Management / Supervisory experience is advantageous

  • Minimum of 3 years recruiting experience is essential.

  • Minimum of 1 year experience in a learnership environment

  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in workplace placement will be advantageous.

  • Some experience in Sales / Client Liaison will be advantageous 

Competencies & Skills

  • Strong Computer Literacy

  • Proven record of excellent Administrative Skills

  • Report writing

  • Accuracy and attention to details

  • Ethical and trustworthy - able to work with sensitive and confidential information

  • Organised and professional

  • Good interpersonal skills with a sound judgement of character attributes

  • Ability to work with strict deadlines and turn-around time

  • Excellent communication skills with individuals and groups at all levels

  • Listening carefully in order to fully answer questions and address concerns

  • Dress and act in ways that enhance the reputation of the employer

  • Ability to maintain databases and correspond via email

  • Ability to use the telephone to interact with prospects and conduct distant interviews

  • Able to use online tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn used for finding and attracting possible applicants

  • Able to effectively engage and capitalise on recruitment platforms and conduct online collections of open positions that job seekers turn to in their hunt for a new position

  • Sound ability to analyse and interpret CVs and outlines of qualifications and background used to determine if someone might be a good match for a given position.

Duties & Responsibilities 

The duties of the Absorption: Workplace and Recruitment Supervisor include the following:

  • Ensure learner details are captured and filed, from application to absorption inclusive tracking post exiting

  • Maintain an accurate and up to date learner information and database

  • Maintain an accurate and up to date host information and database

  • Attract and recruit learners onto Learnership Programmes for Signa Academy against recruitment targets

  • Ensure compliant use of LMS and document management systems/inclusive of Google Drive is according to company standards and conventions

  • Adhere to document, information and learner record safety and security

  • Adhere to quality requirements

  • Adhere to reporting requirements and ensure deadlines are met 

Recruitment of Learners

  • Oversee the capturing of and recruitment documentation

  • Ensure an accurate record of candidate learners, host network and ensure learning programme -host and learner matching records and file as per company expectations

  • Comply with process and procedure ensuring compliant document structures and content

  • Implement an end-to-end selection process ensuring quality documentation and record keeping

  • Advertise vacant positions as required and ensure information is accurate and complete for replacements in time to start as per approved start date and as per recruitment timelines.

  • Oversee the effective use of the database of CVs on hand and effectively use online sites to source the best candidates

  • Conduct candidate reference background checks on learner to ensure eligibility for learnership to comply with each internal stakeholders and external stakeholder expectations

  • Ensure all checks are up to date and cleared before on-boarding the learners

  • Arrange orientation and ensure clear communication with stakeholders and keep an eye on progress

  • All interview administration and documentation in place on time

  • Compile a Q&A checklist to audit regions on following the correct policies and procedures

  • Interview packs always available, up to date and interview specific

  • Interview questions compiled on time and designed to be position related

  • Conduct learner interviews and collaborate with HRBPs on Signa staff interviews

  • All required forms or documents available, up to date and linked to the recruitment policy and process (such as resource signed client agreement/proposal, job description (learnership description) recruitment requisition form, interview panel, etc.)

  • Approval of non-designated group/non-HDIs appointments on time (where applicable) and kept on record

  • Ensure that the recruitment time to fill a vacancy never exceeds 14 days from requisition to signed offer

  • Brief agencies/recruitment partners on vacant positions and maintain relationship with preferred recruitment agencies

  • Compile monthly recruitment reports as per client requirements, and contribute to Board Packs, OPS Dashboard, Client feedback/reports etc.

  • Conduct regular follow-up meetings with internal customers to determine the effectiveness of recruiting implementation

  • Contribute to and agree on as well as communicate recruitment plan to the relevant managers and build good relationships with internal customers

  • Deliver recruitment services based on learnership requirements

  • Ensure the correct use of relevant technology/ systems including LMS for sourcing Learners and ensure the correct use of database and accurate information is added to the database

  • Understand relevant legislation, e.g., employment law e.g. (but not limited to) BCEA, Skills Development legislation, data protection, SETA rules, etc.

  • Ensure that KPI's are met on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

  • Ensure preparation learner on-boarding packs and ensure they are completed and signed off before learnership commences

  • Ensure learner packs are handed over to ETQA 

Allocation of resources

  • Ensure that learners have all the relevant tools and equipment to perform duties in the workplace

  • Ensure that host employers meet OHS requirements.

Learner Profiling

  • Ensure learner assessments are conducted prior to placing learners at workplace

  • Interview each learner to build profile for suitable placement

  • Perform Interview Session per Learner

  • Perform Profile per Learner

Workplace Sourcing

  • Source and place learner successfully with host employers

  • Ensure learners are at reputable workplace environment

  • Workplace should be ready for learner placements according to the roll out plan

  • Ensuring all learners have all the relevant resources for facilitated workplace

  • Advise the Campus Manager of venue challenges to ensure learner attendance, tracking and safety

  • Control and monitor workplace and placements

Learner Management

  • Arrange learner readiness program for workplace and for absorption

  • Facilitate learners on all Signa Academy placed at workplace

  • Collaborate with relevant Signa and / or host employer management in dealing with HR issues and all emergencies

  • Perform Site visits as required

  • Adhoc site visits on request of host employer

  • Ensure all required administration is conducted for learners placed at workplace

  • Act as a liaison between host employee and the company

  • Assist learners with challenges and if unable to resolve then refer these to Manager: Absorption, Workplace & Recruitment Control, and Campus Manager

  • Keep learners focused on completing the Qualification

  • Ensure that Learner disabilities are reasonably accommodated, reported and monitored

  • Conduct yourself professionally and ethically with all stakeholders and ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, in particular labour legislation and POPI Act

  • Ensure Learner wellness while in the workplace and refer to Wellness Department as required

  • Coordinate an Academy Alumni programme

  • Ensure learners find permanent employment upon completion of learnership programme

Mentoring & Coaching of learners

  • Have one on one session with Learners as required

  • Review and assess learner progress in line with appropriate quality assurance

  • Liaise with the project coordinator / authorized company representative with regards to learner attendance

  • Ensure attendance registers are submitted to project coordinator / authorized company representative

  • inform project coordinator / authorized company representative with regards to learners who have a bad attendance record

  • Respect needs and opinions of the client and learners

  • Refrain from discrimination on the basis of disability, race, religion or any consideration

  • Take reasonable steps to ensure adequate protection of all confidential information including portfolios of evidence

  • Work within an agreed contractual arrangement and in accordance with policies and procedures and the standard framework documents

  • Liaise regularly with the project coordinator / authorized company representative

  • Make recommendations where necessary

  • Ensure all learners complete workplace 

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Maintain excellent working relationships with internal and external stakeholders

  • Attend meetings as required

  • Build networks and manage relationships with community key stakeholders

  • Actively promote the company in the local community/potential markets /sources of learners


  • Report on all recruitment and learner workplace management

  • Ensure that all records on recruitment and learners placed in workplace are recorded on the LMS system – record keeping

  • Submit a detailed weekly and monthly reporting

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